Marketing Innovation, Blockchain and Technology for FinTech Companies)

Clients not Customers, Technology not Trust

FINavation is a digital advisory with FinTech expertise. We provide digital marketing and innovative technology to help financial professionals, investors and companies achieve profitable outcomes. Our ecosystem includes the world’s leading content marketing agency, demand and fundraising expertise, and a network of financial services partners with interests in traditional and blockchain-driven investments.

World-class Content Marketing: Regardless of how you fit into FinTech, gone are the days when a certificate or a national brand association was enough to generate clients. Technology has given the information and power to the consumer. Take it back! Content marketing uses storytelling to establish YOUR authority and builds a defensible barrier to competition.

Tools to Connect: You can’t spend your way to a sale. The goal of FinTech marketing is establishing expertise in an authentic way.  Once your audience believes your an honest authority, they will ASK to buy from you. Better yet, they become your best source of new prospects and your strongest sales channel. From social media and your website to targeted email and a comprehensive sales funnel, success requires audience engagement.

New Markets, New Investors, New Ideas : Whether you’re experienced with crypto or an old-school fax blaster, technology has been a central part of FinTech marketing. The growth of the transactional web haw opened new markets, new investor classes and new fundraising methods. If you need help with Telegram, crowdsourcing, an investor blog or a fundraising whitepaper, we’re here to help.

Technology > Trust