FINavation Services

FINavation recognizes that the key to success in today’s rapidly evolving transactional internet is a team of technically curious professionals that are committed to achieving our clients’ goals through the application of the most-appropriate solutions.

The founders of FINavation have established partnerships and a leadership team of experienced digital professionals to bring blockchain technology to Main Street. Our services include:

  • Business & Asset Evaluation –  FIN helps investors and companies understand the value of an asset and the potential interest in the marketplace of a token offering. We have experienced Angel and VC investor partners to guide business analysis.
  • Equity & Crowdfunding – FIN’s network of accredited investors, financial services professionals and FINFund registered individuals jumpstart fundraising efforts
  • Token Offer Positioning & Marketing – marketers help issuers create, publicize offering, and generate communications for initial and sustained “market making”
  • Issuer and Token Communications – FIN provides clients a team of content marketing experts, who’ve worked with over 1000 global clients to provide digital, creative, social media and public relations solutions for audience generation and offer presentation
  • Community Engagement – Every month, FINavation sends out millions of permission (no SPAM here!), posts content to all the major social channels, pursue industry / vertical publication awareness and curates/moderates private communities within our proprietary technology to maintain interest and the flow of information.

The bottom line: FINavation helps our client present the RIGHT message, in the RIGHT format, at the RIGHT time to generate the results our clients EXPECT from their security offerings.

Success Spotlight

Gravity Marketing
Gravity marketing is a strategy that directly engages investors and invites them to participate in the sales process. Instead of seeing investors as passive consumers, engagement marketing campaigns make companies active partners in the purchase process. Some find it challenging to generate offer interest. Find success by moving to true one-to-one, personalized communication in a real-time context.

Strategic marketers within FINavation helped the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau grow their “Visit Dallas” campaign from 30,000 to over 100,000 followers through Gravity Markeitng. For our efforts, the team was recognized as Social Media Agency of the Year (2014) by the Social Media Club of Dallas.

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