Who We Are?

The FINavation (FIN) team has years of experience as entrepreneurs, investors, capital-seekers, and business builders. We are building FIN as an innovative financial marketing firm for bankable assets that is millennial-friendly and exploits global Blockchain technology and modern digital marketing strategies.

FIN has organized as an Advisory & Consulting Firm and serve:
– Qualified Issuers of privately held assets and companies with customized, one-on-one advice and consult services
– Accredited investors to identify, analyze and transact innovative cryptographic, blockchain-driven equity instruments like STOs
– Financial Services professionals in understanding and gaining access to next-generation, regulatory-compliant token opportunities.

Team Leaders

Ed Bardwell

Co-Founder / CEO

Marcos Rodriguez

Founder / Chairman / Chief Investment Officer

Jacquetta Dantzler

Vice President, Client Services

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions have exploded since Satoshi’s white paper was published in 2009. The market, driven by a technical audience that has become increasingly skeptical about traditional institutions, now has a global reach and is valued at over $10 trillion USD.

Though lacking backing value, these solutions have succeeded because they eliminated the need for investors and companies to trust governments and financial institutions.

Trust continues to erode and technology continues to advance. The general public needs innovative tools that bring new equity buyers and companies seeking capital together.

FINavation helps “Main Street” utilize blockchain technology to create transparent, inexpensive and flexible offerings like the Security Token (STO) to raise capital, invest in new opportunities and re-establish a transactional trust. Let FINavation help you create trusted transactions through technology. See why we say “Technology is greater than Trust.”

FINavation is your security token advisory partner. We help companies, investors and the financial services industry promote new sources of value through blockchain innovation. 

Innovation Ecosystem

FINavation recognizes that innovation, both in terms of technology and equity offerings, is essential for long-term viability. To insure on-going innovation, FINavation has developed exclusive relationships with category leaders:

FINavation’s Partners

Rodriguez Capital

Nimble Worldwide

Rainmaker Digital Services


We are a global team based in Dallas, Texas. Our main office is located at:

2001 N. Lamar St., Suite 302

Technology > Trust