Rules of Engagement

FINavation is proud of our advisory role within the blockchain community. As both business and technology professionals, we believe strongly in the free flow of information and the value of exploratory conversations. To prevent any confusion or misunderstandings, all interactions are based on these Rules of Engagement. If you have questions, contact us.

  1. We engage the marketplace on a gentleman’s agreement basis. A gentleman’s agreement is informal, non-binding, and relies upon mutually beneficial etiquette and the honor of the parties. It’s distinct from a contract and isn’t enforceable. Likewise, there’s no contract between us unless and until we have fully signed contract documents.
  2. We are not interested in Non-Disclosure Agreements and don’t need to hear your secrets.  Before a party shares anything that they believe is confidential, FINavation requests the opportunity to refuse.
  3. We share possible conflicts of interest and expect you to do so for the sake of transparency. We assume that all parties seek a win/win deal and will work to avoid misunderstandings. Should we choose to engage, our written agreement is our agreement. Fair is what we agreed to in writing— not what may feel good later.
  4. Unless part of our executed agreements, any disclaimers  that you may include on a web page, email, social media channel or document will be considered as informational, and not an agreement between us or a concession on our part.
  5. Perceptions and recollections are relative. We take note of important information and don’t take offense if you do. Given the nature of this rapidly evolving, industry, we read and understand all documents before signing/executing. This may mean that our interaction may be slower than desired.
  6. Should there be a need, FINavation will recommend Mediation and Arbitration as a dispute resolution alternative.

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