Why Investors choose FINavation?

Investors have options for token investmenst but educated investors partner with FINavation. We provide:

  • Registered investors receive a ‘first look’ at all asset-based token offerings and the opportunity to invest upon issuance
  • Access to FINFund, a private network of like-minded issuers and investors to drive the next wave of the financial internet
  • A comprehensive ecosystem of legal, regulatory and business experts focused on the latest developments and investment implications in blockchain, crypto and digital currency innovation

Blockchain Investor Solutions

Experienced entrepreneurs and investors know that the road to success is strewn with “something for nothing” gimmicks. Blockchain is not a magic bean or a value-less coin. It is a technology based on years of hard work. Through the blockchain, companies can create a transparent marketplace that allow businesses to work together for mutual success without the costs and hassles associated with typical equity rounds.

Regulatory-compliant STOs bring the current wave of financial innovation to Main Street. Security Token Offerings (STOs) are based on real, identifiable and tangible assets that open the ever-expanding crowdfunding marketplace to companies that have been too small for an IPO or hesitant to invest in a traditional capital campaign. Investors can participate in a ‘traditional’ transaction.

Why Invest In Tokens / Coins / Blockchain?

  • Access to new opportunities with greater potential returns, greater transactional transparency and lower costs
  • New solutions, like the CABS-STO from FINavation, provide investors with investment ‘tokens’ that they can understand, value and trade within existing exchanges
  • Eliminate the need for ‘traditional’ institutions that have been shown to be untrustworthy

Blockchain provides global investors with new opportunities to generate return while supporting concepts, organizations and industries that have been unavailable due to geography, regulatory limitations, currency valuation and lack of awareness. Token ecosystems eliminate those barriers and open new markets while providing the same type of regulatory compliance that leads to investor confidence.

Token investing provides the global opportunities and flexibility of coins with the trade volumes and stability of traditional, asset-backed securities.

Technology > Trust