Why issuers engage FINavation?

Companies with tangible assets partner with FINavation for three primaries reasons:

  • FINavation develops communities of educated and innovative investors interested in supporting token-based investment opportunities
  • Token advisory services are provided by experienced investors, marketers and technologists who know how to find the second buyer for sustained trading, token value and public interest
  • Token recommendations are based on real-world business fundamentals, not just the latest technology

FINavation understands that a token offering is only successful if it has investors, provides liquidity to issuers and is sustainable for long-term access to capital.

Capital Consulting and Advisory Services

Finavation serves qualified owners of privately held assets and companies with customized guidance on monetizing assets through a Security Token Offering (STO). Our services include:

  • Decision-making guidance and strategic expertise to help owners seeking financing solutions that use Security Tokens.
  • Finance Architecture to structure voting and other minority share issues.
  • Introductions to our network of blockchain and STO-fluent experts to guide legal, financial, and securities elements.
  • Access to FIN’s private community of validated fundraisers and fund seekers. Within the FIN ecosystem, clients interact to present offers, fund offers, and realize the potential of tokenized assets.

Why tokenize?

Tokenization allows for the fractionalization of larger assets, increased liquidity, lower issuance fees, and greater market efficiency. All are great benefits but the greatest single benefits is that STOs provide an issuer access to a global pool of capital.

Tokens can be sold and traded internationally when compliant with local regulations. This means that they become more fairly priced and attractive to investors. The FINavation CABS® offering is appealing to both institutional investors for it’s more recognizable structure, and to crypto investors for its technological innovation.

About the CABSⓡ Platform

The Compliant Asset-Backed Security (CABSⓡ) platform is FINavation’s proprietary platform. It was designed for privately-held entities with income-generating assets valued at between $50 Million and $500 Million.

FINavation works directly with the owners of high-quality assets to execute a fully orchestrated liquidity solution. Our platform meets the needs of clients who want to work with a best-in-class and experienced team of strategic, financial, blockchain and marketing professionals.

How can FINavation help your company:

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